In Which Countries you cannot Buy or Sell Temporary Liquor License?

Do you want to know where in the world you can’t fill out an application for a temporary liquor licence?

Well, it would be very interesting to learn about those countries, because some people say that you can buy and sell alcohol in almost any country without any problems. But that is not at all true! Here is a list of some of the most well-known countries where you can’t sell or buy alcohol:


All Muslims who live in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, which is in the western part of North Africa, are not allowed to do anything that has to do with alcohol.

They can’t both buy and run a business that makes sales. But all non-Muslims in Mauritania are allowed to do it, as long as they have a valid letter of application for a permit.

temporary liquor licence


Maldives is the next country on the list. This place is popular for the beautiful beaches and has some great resorts. But in this country, it is against the law to drink alcohol, so you won’t be able to enjoy it. No one in the area can use it at all.

Only resorts and bar/restaurants can sell it because they have a special letter that lets them do so. They have liquor license cost which is affordable.


In Iran, it is very hard for Muslims to drink alcohol. Non-Muslims, on the other hand, are fully allowed to eat under all such certain circumstances. Non-Muslims are even allowed to bring alcohol with them anywhere they go.


In the place of Brunei, it is against the state law to drink or even sell alcohol among public. It is even against the law to yet drink alcohol in the places of public. Any adult who is not a Muslim is allowed to bring at least two small bottles of alcohol and 12 beer cans into the country with them when they enter.

People coming in through the airport service have to follow the same rule. They can also drink the alcohol alone if they want to.


Bangladesh is the last country. In Bangladesh, you can’t get any kind of temporary liquor licence, whether it’s a temporary or a permanent one. It is completely illegal to sell or make alcohol. It is only allowed in a few gaming bars and hotels, and even then, you have to get a permit letter.

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